Matthias Mangiapane: Hospital stay on his 40th birthday

Matthias Mangiapane’s 40th birthday was supposed to be a celebration under the palm trees in the Maldives, but the plans took an unexpected turn. On September 29th, Hubert Fella, his 55-year-old husband, found Matthias unresponsive on the living room sofa. He immediately alerted the emergency services.

Matthias Mangiapane: Dramatic health condition on his 40th birthday

Matthias Mangiapane had not been feeling well the previous days. At “Picture“ said the jungle camper from 2018: “At first I had dizziness, was tired and exhausted. I had to throw up a lot.” At some point he vomited blood. “On my birthday I was lying unconscious on the couch,” said the now 40-year-old.

Intensive care unit: Matthias Mangiapane suffered from stomach inflammation

The reason for his fatigue was a stomach infection: “I was completely dehydrated, completely parched and couldn’t keep any fluids down. “I had stomach bleeding – due to inflammation,” stated Matthias Mangiapane.

In a clinic in Bad Kissingen, Bavaria, the “Hot or Scrap – Die Allestester” star was then given nutritional treatment. He had to stay in the intensive care unit for three days and was in the hospital for a total of a week. There was consolation from his husband Hubert, who posted a sweet declaration of love on Matthias’ birthday. The flashy couple tied the knot in a fairytale wedding in 2018.

Ex-jungle camper was initially fed via drip

In the clinic, Matthias, who appeared with Hubert in the 2011 program “Ab ins Beet!” After he became famous, he was slowly improving again: for the first few days he was fed via a drip, he revealed. Then he got soup and porridge. But he remains cautious: “I avoid coffee,” he said, and continued: “I only drink still water and herbal tea. I mainly eat steamed vegetables.”

Matthias Mangiapane and Hubert Fella: dream vacation in the Maldives failed

The couple had actually planned a romantic time in the Maldives for Matthias’ big birthday – but they both had to cancel their dream vacation: “There are worse things,” said Matthias. “I canceled the trip.” He’s just glad it didn’t happen in the Maldives.

The well-booked TV star, who has had a tight schedule in recent years and likes to polarize people with his appearance, can only speculate about the reasons for the stomach bleeding: “It could be that stress triggered it,” he admitted.

In 2017, he and Hubert took part in the “Sommerhaus der Stars” and achieved third place, while Matthias came in second place in the “Celebrities Under Palms” show. In 2020 he won the “Sat.1-Promiboxen” against Julian FM Stoeckel (36).

But he doesn’t have any problems with getting older, emphasized Matthias Mangiapane. “I’m now planning my 50th birthday for the next ten years. “It has to be a great party,” he announced in a good mood.

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