McCarthy does not want to be re-nominated for top positions in Congress

The Republican had asked his party colleagues not to nominate him, the broadcaster CNN, among others, reported on Tuesday evening (local time). He will support the person his group can agree on. He had previously indicated that he would no longer rule out running for office again.

The 58-year-old was voted out as chairman of the House of Representatives last week. In a vote, in addition to the Democrats, eight Republican members also spoke in favor of his removal. It was the first time in US history that someone was removed from this position. Afterwards, McCarthy announced that he would not be available again.

Candidates: Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise

The Republicans met behind closed doors on Tuesday evening (local time) to hold a kind of candidate forum. An internal vote was planned for Wednesday. There is still no date for the official vote in the House of Representatives among all MPs. After McCarthy was voted out, the extreme right-wing Jim Jordan and the more moderate Steve Scalise announced their candidacies last week. They should present their positions at the candidate forum.

In order to be elected to the third most important office in the US government after President and Vice President, an absolute majority is required among the members of the House of Representatives present. The Republicans only have a very narrow majority in the chamber, so a handful of dissenters are enough to block a candidacy. When he was elected in January, McCarthy was only able to secure such a majority in the 15th round.

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