Meeting the NBA star: Shakira spotted on a romantic date

After being rumored to have been intensely dating Lewis Hamilton, singer Shakira has now been spotted dating again: This time she’s meeting NBA star Jimmy Butler in London.

Recently there were some rumors about a love affair between singer Shakira (46) and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton (38). The two were often spotted together: at various Formula 1 races and at a romantic dinner in Barcelona.

However, Shakira does not seem to want to commit himself, because now she has been spotted on a date with another athlete: basketball professional Jimmy Butler (33) and they enter the same restaurant in London just minutes apart. According to the “Daily Mail”, the two of them had a relaxed date with sushi and cocktails. The two are rumored to have met at the 2023 NBA Finals at the Kaseya Center in Miami. It remains to be seen whether the two will become the new Hollywood couple.

Tom Cruise, Lewis Hamilton and Jimmy Butler: Shakira dates extensively

After twelve years of relationship, soccer player Gerard Piqué (36) and Shakira end their relationship – numerous sources suspect that Piqué should not have taken it very seriously with loyalty. But Shakira is positive about the future: “Now I feel complete because I feel like I’m relying on myself and I also have two children who depend on me, so I have to be stronger than a lioness.” , writes the singer on Instagram.

A year after the separation, Shakira is apparently in a flirting mood again: in addition to the alleged flirtation with Lewis Hamilton, the 46-year-old is even said to be dating Tom Cruise (61). It is unclear whether Shakira is currently enjoying her single life or is looking for her great love – but apparently the singer seems to be doing wonderfully.

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