Mike Tindall could have ended up in prison

Mike Tindall is known for being open about his personal life. In the TV show “Grand Slammers” he reveals one or two juicy details again.

Former rugby star Mike Tindall (44) has been married to Zara Phillips (42), the daughter of Princess Anne (73), since 2011. He is firmly part of the British royal family, but has retained his very own style. On the one hand, this means that he has remained loyal to himself, but on the other hand, it also means that his words and actions do not always correspond to royal conventions. Just remember his participation in the jungle camp or his open words about the difficulty of getting used to the royals. Now Mike Tindall has made people sit up and take notice again with a statement on ITV.

In the ITV show “Grand Slammers”, Mike Tindall, who is also a successful podcaster, made it his mission to introduce prison inmates to the game of rugby. The 44-year-old can bring his experience to bear here, because by winning the title at the 2003 World Cup, he is one of the greatest in his profession in this sport.

According to “gala.de”, the show was by no means just about the sporting side: Mike Tindall also suddenly announced that he and some of his teammates “could have been threatened with prison” even before the World Cup victory. However, he does not reveal how this dangerous situation could have come about.

Mike Tindall: The start to royal life was difficult

Apparently in a talking mood, Tindall is said to have gone even further and chatted about the beginning of his marriage. The start was anything but easy because it took time for him to find his own role. Ultimately, says Tindall, the wedding doesn’t mean that you no longer need your own job. For him, the changeover took about a year. His wife Zara would probably confirm this, explains the former rugby star, who also emphasizes that she helped him a lot.

Regardless of the self-critical words, Mike and Zara Tindall are considered a royal dream couple. They have three children, Mia Grace (9), Lena Elizabeth (5) and Lucas Philip (2).

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