Mimi Fiedler supports Jenny Elvers after an alcohol relapse

Jenny Elvers was caught driving with a blood alcohol level of 1.7. Mimi Fiedler, who was addicted to alcohol for years, now finds clear words for the presenter.

Jenny Elvers (51) is currently going through a difficult phase. She successfully completed rehab for alcohol addiction more than a decade ago. However, a few days ago she was caught driving with an alcohol content of 1.7 per mille. As a result, the presenter publicly admitted that she had been suffering from depression for years. Nevertheless, she is confident that she will get her problem under control again. Words of support now come from Mimi Fiedler (48), an actress who was addicted to alcohol for a long time.

Actress finds encouraging words for Jenny Elvers: “Your companions are neither ashamed nor guilty”

“Alcohol addiction cannot be beaten. NEVER. From nobody. An addicted person remains addicted until the end of his life. The only chance to get physically and mentally healthy (…) is abstinence,” writes Mimi on Instagram and continues: “We urgently need more education, more advocates, more people who show their faces, raise their voices, are mirror images . Because society’s approach to alcohol and the view of addicts are two of the greatest evils of our time.”

Mimi then says very personal words to Jenny: “I feel so much for you and hug you from the bottom of my heart. I hope your companions feel neither shame nor guilt, but only hope for renewed sobriety. Maybe you’ll find it somewhere else and not where you were looking for it before. You can do it.”

Mimi Fiedler posts important contact points for those affected

Mimi Fiedler gets a lot of support in the comments. Singer Joey Heindle (30) writes: “Great words, dear Mimi. The thing about society is exactly this tough point. And our business in particular is contaminated by it.” But touching stories about addiction can also be found in the actress’ contribution. One user writes: “I saw the father of my children die – drunk to death. For me, THE memorial par excellence. My ex-partner also drank his 3-4 beers after work every day. Correspondingly more on the weekend.”

In another post, Mimi Fiedler points out “points of contact that can give you support in getting/staying sober”.

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