Miriam Neureuther denies rumors about a love affair

Most recently, fans speculated that Miriam Neureuther wanted to leave her husband Felix and emigrate to Norway with the children. She has now provided clarity on Instagram and denied the rumors about a possible separation.

Since Miriam Neureuther recently spoke in a podcast about her desire to move to Norway with her children for a year, rumors have been circulating about the possible end of her relationship with Felix Neureuther. However, the 33-year-old former biathlete wants to clear up these speculations and clarifies things on Instagram.

Miriam Neureuther has a clear opinion on speculation

“Okay wow… the online titles are turning over again and the stream of news about why I want to leave my husband and emigrate to Norway doesn’t let up. All I can say is: You’re completely crazy!” writes Miriam Neureuther in a post.

She also shared a photo of a couple with her husband Felix, in which the two are in love and smiling, looking into each other’s eyes. The rumors are heartbreaking for her, after all her husband is her “everything”. She explains: “I was just talking (in a joint podcast WITH my husband) about what a dream it would be to take our children to Norway for six months so that they could learn the language properly!”

Husband Felix Neureuther found the idea “great, by the way”. However, due to their busy schedule, this is difficult in terms of time, the couple explained in the podcast.

Miriam Neureuther has a special connection to Norway

Miriam Neureuther lived in the Scandinavian country for some time because her mother comes from there, which is why the 33-year-old speaks fluent Norwegian and has both German and Norwegian citizenship. She now wants to pass on her roots to her children – “no more, no less!”

But she makes it clear that she has no plans to emigrate or leave her husband. “I have said everything and will not comment further on this topic! “Let’s look at the important issues and hold each other’s hands so that we can somehow counteract this madness of war and violence,” the post ends.

Miriam and Felix Neureuther have been a couple since 2013 and they tied the knot in December 2017. Together they have three children Matilda (6), Leo (3) and Lotta (1).

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