Mirror Tells: Kate Middleton ‘healing’ Prince William’s pain after losing relationship wingman Harry

A royal expert suggests that Prince William likely kept Harry in his thoughts during moments of reflection on his trip to New York. On the previous Tuesday, the Prince of Wales attended the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit, which unveiled the finalists for a £50 million award aimed at promoting efforts to combat environmental challenges. He also made a visit to the FDNY Ten House, a fire station located across from the World Trade Center, and engaged in a public walkabout.

Amid his busy schedule, Prince William managed to find some personal time during the trip, revealing that he went for a morning jog in Central Park. However, there were no reported meetings between him and his younger brother Harry, who moved to the US in early 2020.

Commenting on the lack of reconciliation between the two brothers, royal biographer Duncan Larcombe expressed his thoughts in OK! Magazine, noting that there are undoubtedly reminders for William regarding his younger brother that can be emotionally challenging. He also mentioned the potential difficulty for William to engage with events like the Invictus Games or watch the Netflix documentary about it, as they might be emotionally painful for him.

Despite the strained relationship, Larcombe believes that Prince William and Kate are determined to focus on their present responsibilities. He noted that they are focused on their duties, and Prince William’s trip to New York exemplifies this commitment.

The feud between the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge became public in 2019 when Harry mentioned during a South Africa tour interview that he and Meghan were struggling with their roles as working royals. The tensions escalated after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, with Harry making public accusations against William in his memoir and Netflix documentary. The relationship between the brothers became increasingly strained.

An excerpt from the book “Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown” reveals that Prince William attempted to reach out to his younger brother after the documentary aired. However, Harry declined the offer, expressing concerns about the potential leak of their meeting by royal staff, which had previously happened.

The strained relations have been ongoing since before Harry’s wedding to Meghan, with accusations of snobbishness on William’s part. Even during the first anniversary of the Queen’s death, both brothers were in the UK, but they did not meet. Harry attended a charity awards ceremony in California, while William and King Charles were in different parts of the UK, paying their respects to the late Queen.

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