“Mocro-Mafia” has been chasing Crown Princess Amalia of the Netherlands since 2021

Concern for the 19-year-old daughter of the Dutch king Willem-Alexander: According to new reports, the notorious “Mocro-Mafia” has been after Amalia since the beginning of 2021.

Crown Princess Amalia of the Netherlands (19) has had a challenging year. In September 2022 it became public knowledge that the daughter of Queen Máxima (52) and King Willem-Alexander (56) had been targeted by the Dutch “Mocro Mafia”, a highly criminal organization. Dutch police have confirmed that the group is targeting the life of the heir to the throne.

Faced with this threat, Amalia withdrew from Amsterdam and headed to the royal palace. For security reasons, she spent months there in a shielded environment, surrounded by tight security measures. The Crown Princess hardly dared to go outside, and this situation has changed little to this day.

King Willem-Alexander’s daughter threatened by mafia since 2021

However, it has now become known: The “Mocro-Mafia” has not only been after the future Queen of the Netherlands since autumn 2022, but since the beginning of 2021! As the daily newspaper “Het Parool” writes, encrypted messages about Amalia and three well-known crime journalists are said to have been exchanged via a messaging service in February 2021. One of the three journalists, Peter R. de Vries († 64), was murdered in July 2021 – by the “Mocro-Mafia”.

Concern for the life of Crown Princess Amalia

It seems that the eldest daughter of the Dutch royal couple was in acute danger much earlier than expected. In the summer of 2022, after graduating from high school, Amalia moved to Amsterdam alone to study politics, psychology, law and economics. Shortly after starting the course in September the threats against her publicly and the young woman had to pull the ripcord for safety reasons. Since then, she has been attending university seminars online from the palace.

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