More police officers injured than fans: Bad results after riot at St. Pauli

The Friday evening game between FC St. Pauli and Hannover 96 had been classified by the police in advance as a high-security game. Not without reason: the fan camps of both clubs are considered enemies. What happened confirmed all prejudices.

With the score at 0-0, unrest broke out in the north stand in the 75th minute. Around 2,800 Hannover 96 fans were there – including several HSV supporters who were friends of theirs.

According to police, several fans attacked a person with poles. Even when she was lying on the ground, she continued to be kicked. Police officers deployed in front of the block intervened to protect the downed man.

Riots at Millerntor: Fans kick men

According to a spokesman, physical violence and pepper spray were used due to massive resistance. Eventually the situation was calmed down.

Both fans and police officers were injured when the officers intervened. When the game was over, the situation outside the stadium escalated again. Around 300 FC St. Pauli fans are said to have positioned themselves on Harald-Stender-Platz for a fan march.

According to police spokesman Sören Zimbal, the emergency services were attacked from the crowd with bottles, stones and firecrackers. The police once again brought the situation under control with the use of pepper spray.

According to police, at least 32 people were injured in the clashes – 15 fans and 17 police officers. At least one of the affected football supporters had to be treated in a hospital, the police said on Saturday morning. One officer suffered multiple fractures. No information could yet be given on the number of arrests.

Hamburg: 17 police officers injured in football riots

FC St. Pauli fan representatives criticized the police’s actions on X (formerly Twitter). They considered their measures to be inappropriate and disproportionate.

The police union (GdP) sees it differently. According to a spokesman, it seems to be becoming a regular occurrence for fan associations to speak of police violence when violence occurs among fans and the police have to intervene: “Fan groups proclaim a territorial behavior that does not stop at the commission of crimes.”

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