Mother Punishes Her Daughter By Chopping Off Her Hair: Social Media Bashes

There was an overwhelming amount of anger on the internet when a video went viral of a mother cutting her daughter’s hair as a punishment. Internet users are unhappy with the woman’s actions in the video. She received harsh criticism for them.

The viral video of a mother shaving her daughter’s hair off in order to punish her has enraged social media users. The footage was originally shared on TikTok and has since made its way to Twitter as well. Users condemned the mother’s actions, and even called it traumatic.

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This clip shows the mother aggressively cutting off her daughter’s braids while she looks at the camera in shock. Her daughter attempted to resist by calling out “mom,” but her mother refused to budge.

“Please don’t mom me. You were given a chance and a warning. I told you to stop disobeying my rules and listen to me. I told you being cute ain’t sh*t if you have no education. I told you to do good in school, you’re supposed to do good, I told you to do your daily routine,” the woman said in the video.

“And you’re yet to do any of it, and you thought you were disobeying me today, and I was not coming to cut this hair off. You got that wrong: you thought being pretty was so much better than being educated or listening to your mom, and you’re sadly mistaken, she added while continuing to chop off her daughter’s hair.

After cutting the hair, she remarked “Yes, this is what happens when you don’t listen to your mom,” and pushed her daughter’s head in the direction of the camera.

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