Move in the shadows: Russia’s 18th Army forms up in the south

According to British intelligence services, Russia is forming a new army in response to the Ukrainian offensive in the south. The British Ministry of Defense said on Monday that this was a response to the “realities of war”. The goal behind it is to mobilize more experienced troops for strategically important battles. It is very likely that airborne troops were recently transferred from the Cherson region to the Orikhiv region, which was heavily fought.

The newly formed 18th Army consists of several units that are currently stationed in the Cherson region. Among them is the 22nd Army Corps, which originally served as an occupying force in Crimea and has now been transferred from there.

Army should consist of mobilized forces

“The 18th Army will probably consist primarily of mobilized forces and will primarily conduct defensive actions in the southern part of Ukraine,” according to the information from London. As early as August, the British Ministry informed that Russia had increasingly formed new combat troops. Since the beginning of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, the British Ministry of Defense has published daily updates on the progress of the war. With this information, the British government intends to counter the Russian narrative and support its allies. However, Moscow accuses London of pursuing a misinformation strategy.

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