Natalia Livingston’s Tribute to General Hospital’s Tyler Christopher

Tyler Christopher’s friends, ex co-workers and loved ones continue to share their bittersweet memories of the beloved General Hospital and Days of Our Lives star in the wake of his October 31 passing at the age of 50. His former leading lady, Natalia Livingston, has opened up about the on- and off-screen relationship that she will forever cherish.

Livingston, who played General Hospital’s Emily across from Christopher’s Nikolas from 2003 to 2008, took to Instagram on November 7 to memorialize her dear friend. “I want everyone to know how sweet and gentle Ty was,” she wrote. “How gifted, how dedicated, how much he cared about his craft and those around him. “I was honored to work with him for many years and admired his talent tremendously.”

Though both Christopher and Livingston would play other roles on General Hospital (as Connor Bishop and Rebecca Shaw, respectively), it was their passionate pairing as “NEm” that won viewers’ hearts. Their off-screen bond was just as strong — the pair even dated for several years in real life.

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“He created such a safe space for us to work together,” recalled Livingston. “I felt confident when I worked with him. He made it easy. He was generous. He brought scenes to life with such grace and conviction. He gave his work everything he had. And, he was funny. So funny. I loved that about him. He made me laugh. He was one of the best chapters of my life and I’ll always be grateful to him.”

Livingston, who now lives in Georgia with her family, also shared that she and Christopher had only recently gotten back in touch. “I’m so happy we reconnected after over a decade apart. He was going to join my husband and I and our little ones for dinner at our home on a trip to Atlanta,” she revealed. “That meant the world to me.”

It’s clear that, all these years later, they still meant the world to each other. “He called me Naty… I called him Ty. The friendship was there. It was always there — through the ups and the downs,” wrote Livingston.

“My heart goes out to his family and to his two precious children,” Livingston said as she closed her remembrance. “I love you, Ty. I’ll never forget you. Thank you for the memories. Rest in peace, my friend.”

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