NBA fan bets absurd $ 60,000 on Wemby – and can win almost nothing

Sports betting has become a hot topic for many fans as online gambling becomes legal in more and more countries and states around the world.

We’ve often reported incredible bets with insane wins at small stakes, but this time we’re seeing the exact opposite.

On Friday night, French super talent Victor Wembanyama (known to many as just Wemby) will be (or already was, depending on when you read this) the number one pick in the 2023 NBA draft.

For years, connoisseurs have spoken of him as a gigantic talent that is rarely seen – and it’s easy to see why. Standing at around 2.25 meters and incredible athleticism befitting his height, Wembanyama could transform a rebuilding NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs, into a title contender in his first season.

With Wembanyama firmly established as the draft pick, it would make little sense to bet on him being selected at this point, as the odds are incredibly low.

So nobody bets on that, right? But! One bettor said to himself, “$300 is $300” and bet $60,000 on Wembanyama’s draft, according to provider Draft Kings.

Jean Harris

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