NBA superstar had ten “lions” who chose women in arena for him

Allen Iverson was recognized as one of the most seminal players in NBA history. His skills, unique style, and devastating crossover—along with his under-6-foot-tall height—place him on a par with all the greats of history. But: “The Answer” also liked to party, had a few drinks and had several wives.

It turned out that Iverson had a whole team of ten people scouring all the NBA arenas for women who suited his tastes. The legendary roots drummer and Philadelphia native “Questlove” shared first-hand experience of watching Iverson’s squad at work.

Speaking on SB Nation, he said: “He had a team of ten people. 4 at the top of the hall, 4 further down, 2 at the bottom of the field. They scoured the arena like lions in search of prey. I swear I’ve seen the dumbest people bring their girls to the game and let them go get a beer or go to the powder room. Iverson’s people had business cards with them, and afterwards they had parties with AI. The job of the lions was to take the women there.”

Jean Harris

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