New Bayern boss recognizes problem in the team: “Don’t want mercenaries!”

As the new Bayern CEO, Jan-Christian Dreesen would like to strengthen the “mia san mia” feeling in the club again. This approach also has an impact on the transfer policy of the record champions. So now you want to commit especially those players “who hang in there for FC Bayern and its fans”.

Jan-Christian Dreesen has a clear mission. The new CEO of FC Bayern, who has been in office for almost a month, wants to ensure more harmony throughout the club. His long-term goal: “That we go to work with joy, that we trust each other, that people become more communicative with each other, that the doors are open,” he said in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”.

The fact that the past season was very disappointing despite the championship also had a lot to do with a lack of harmony within the team.

Dreesen clearly: “People didn’t work as a team”

“We’ve had a great team lately. And still didn’t break it in a sporty way. Why? Because people didn’t work together as a team,” said the 55-year-old.

According to Dreesen, signing new players is not just about the playing quality on the pitch, but also about the new players identifying with FC Bayern and its values.

New Bayern boss: “Don’t want mercenaries”

His clear message: “We don’t want mercenaries who go to the next club every two years. We need players who radiate energy, who are committed to FC Bayern and its fans.”

However, it is unclear who Dreesen is referring to with his statement. Sadio Mané, who came to Munich as a world-class player, but who Bayern would now like to get rid of? Or Bouna Sarr, who has been getting a high salary at Bayern for years, but hardly ever plays and still refuses to sell?

And the club motto, which was a bit scratched recently, should be lived more for this reason. “Mia san mia is not a phrase, but an attitude,” said the former CFO.

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