New EU Legislation Allows In-Flight 5G Connectivity

A new law by the European Union now allows EU-based airlines to provide cellular 4G and 5G wireless service throughout all flight classes.

The EU is granting the deployment of in-flight cellular telephone services by proposing specific patron frequencies.

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They will likely have to set up “picocells,” a low-cost technology that protects a limited number of people on an aeroplane’s network.

The in-flight internet service will provide a means by which passengers can make phone calls, text, use data on laptops and handheld devices, and browse the internet throughout the flight.

To boost the sustainability and economic growth of its aviation industry, the EU is working to create a new in-flight service.

The European Commission’s Thierry Breton, a commissioner for Internal Market, views the new legislation as a catalyst for the opening of new markets for EU-based businesses.

“The sky is no longer a limit when it comes to possibilities offered by super-fast, high-capacity connectivity,” Breton said.

A drive to expand 4G and 5G access will generally extend beyond cell-phone use. The Commission also revised a decision regarding 5GHz, allowing the appropriate channels to be used in cars and trucks.

The EU stipulates that Free International Mobile Solutions frequency bands ought to be utilized on vehicles onboard the high seas no later than June 2023.

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