Next German sea rescue ship arrested in Italy

The reason given was that the ship disregarded a government decree. Before the “Aurora”, Rome had recently also fixed the “Mare*Go” also on Lampedusa and the “Sea-Eye 4” in Ortona.

The background to the measure is an order by the right-wing government in Rome, according to which private sea rescuers must immediately go to the port assigned to them after an assignment. In the case of the “Aurora” it was Trapani in Sicily. The crew decided to head for nearby Lampedusa, despite the instruction, because the physical condition of the 39 rescued people required it.

Among the migrants were unaccompanied minors and a pregnant woman. They were rescued by an unseaworthy boat in the Mediterranean on Monday, it was said. Fuel, food and water had been used up.

Non-governmental organizations have been criticizing the decree for weeks and accusing the government of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni of harassment. Rome wants to use the measures to deter foreign helpers, it is said again and again. The government is defending its decision, saying volunteer rescuers are flouting rules and not cooperating with authorities.

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