NFL star Brock Purdy earns millions – but still drives an old Toyota

Brock Purdy is currently the quarterback of the moment. The 49ers captain is undefeated this season (5-0). The last doubters have slowly realized that Purdy not only works because of Kyle Shanahan’s system, but is a good quarterback.

Contract with an incredible price-performance ratio

However, he is currently being paid comparatively little for his good performance on the field. Purdy was the last player drafted in 2022. As “Mr. Irrelevant” you get a rookie contract that is not comparable to that of a first-round pick.

Purdy currently earns $935,000 per year. He has signed a four-year contract worth a total of around $3.74 million. This contract, for a player of his caliber, probably represents the best value in the NFL.

With an annual salary of almost a million dollars, Purdy is certainly not forced to starve, but compared to other colleagues – e.g. Trent Williams with around 23 million dollars a year – he doesn’t want to buy new cars.

Living in a shared apartment and Toyota despite a salary worth millions

So it happens that the franchise quarterback of an undefeated team lives in a shared apartment with one of his teammates and continues to drive around in his old Toyota Sequoia.

Purdy seems to be very down-to-earth, but he could definitely afford an upgrade to his vehicle after the upcoming extension.

Whether he will do so, however, remains to be seen with excitement. Kawhi Leonard, NBA superstar with the LA Clippers, for example, still drives his 20-year-old car to practice. And he could certainly afford a lavish sports car.

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