NFL star Mike Williams is fighting for his life after an accident

NFL star Mike Williams suffered a serious head injury in a construction accident and is now in a coma.

He was considered a great football hope: We’re talking about Mike Williams (36). Due to some injuries, however, he had to retire from professional sport. Now the 36-year-old had a serious accident: On a construction site, he was hit badly in the head by a steel girder. Since then he has been in mortal danger. Multiple media had already reported that he was dead. Other sources, including the “Huffington Post“, report that the former professional athlete is still in a coma with signs of paralysis. This is also confirmed by his father, Wendell Muhammad GoFundMe– donation page.

NFL star Mike Williams suffers serious head injuries

The NFL star, who played most of his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Florida and later with the Buffalo Bills in his native New York, has worked as a construction worker for the past few years. The tragic accident happened on September 1 at his workplace near Tampa.

Mike Williams is fighting for his life in a coma

Mike Williams, who managed an incredible 26 touchdowns in his five-year NFL career, suffered “massive” head and spine injuries in the accident almost a week ago. His father reports on the donation page. “As a result of the accident, his brain swelled and his spinal cord swelled, which was injured.” He added, “These injuries resulted in complete paralysis of his right arm and lower body from the waist down.”

As of Wednesday (September 6), Mike Williams’ partner Tierney Lyle told Mike Williams that he was on life support. She and her daughter would not give up hope. When they visited him, he saw them and cried: “He was asleep when we walked in and he woke up hearing our voices and his daughter’s,” Tierney said. “Then he looked around, blinked and cried.” But he couldn’t move.

NFL star played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Buffalo Bills

A native of Buffalo, New York, Mike Williams began his career at Syracuse College. In 2010, he broke into the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and finished second in Offensive Rookie of the Year. He played three more seasons in Tampa and even signed a $40.25 million contract extension with the team.

In his final NFL season, 2014, he played for his hometown of Buffalo. Williams attempted a comeback with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2016, but never returned to his old form.

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