Nick Carter is charged again with alleged rape

The third woman is suing singer Nick Carter for alleged rape. After the death of his brother Aaron Carter, the 43-year-old now has to answer to the allegations.

The death of his brother Aaron Carter († 34) was just ten months ago, but Nick Carter (43) has no rest to mourn: after a woman only accused the Backstreet Boys singer of sexual assault in December 2022 and in April Singer Melissa Schuman (39) had repeated her allegations of rape, according to “TMZ”, a third woman is now complaining with similar allegations.

Already the third allegation of sexual assault

The anonymous plaintiff alleges that the star sexually abused her on multiple occasions in 2003. At that time she was 15 and Nick was 23 years old. The woman alleges Nick Carter forced himself on her on board a yacht and on a bus after first subduing her with alcohol. The singer vehemently denies the allegations.

Nick Carter denies any allegations

The 43-year-old, who has been married to film producer Lauren Kitt Carter, 40, since 2014 and has three young children, claims the lawsuit is complete nonsense. His attorney, Dale Hayes Jr., told TMZ, “When the woman made her allegations against Nick two decades ago, authorities investigated her allegations and found no grounds to press charges.”

The lawyer further emphasized that the plaintiff merely “repeats the same false allegations in a new lawsuit”, but that does not make her “more credible”.

Nick Carter sued for sexually assaulting a minor

It was not until December 2022 – a month after the death of his brother Aaron – that a woman named Shannon Ruth (39) sued the singer. She claimed he sexually assaulted her after a concert in 2001 when she was 17, a minor.

In an emotional statement to the press at the time, the woman, who suffers from autism and cerebral palsy – a condition that causes movement disorders and muscle stiffness – said: “The last 21 years have been filled with pain, confusion , frustration, shame and self-harm that are a direct result of my rape by Nick Carter.” She added tearfully, “Even though I am autistic and have cerebral palsy, I don’t think anything has affected me more than what Nick Carter did did and said to me.” Nick Carter said he has witnesses who will testify that Ruth is lying. He filed a counterclaim.

Singer Melissa Schuman also sued Nick for sexual assault that allegedly took place in 2002. He also denies her allegations. She had already made her allegations against the singer public about five years ago, but at that time no official charges were brought against Carter because the incident was statute-barred, according to prosecutors. Now, however, a change in the law allows for a new lawsuit against Nick Carter.

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