Nigel Farrage announces: Australia is now facing its own “Brexit”

In an upcoming referendum, Australia faces a profound constitutional question that divides the population. It’s about the possible creation of a panel called “The Voice” for the country’s indigenous people. This body is intended to advise Parliament and the government on issues affecting indigenous communities. Again Daily Express reported, this proposal is supported by many because they believe it would increase indigenous recognition and voice.

Nevertheless, there is considerable resistance to the initiative. The “No” campaign expresses concerns about potential racial divisions and the legal challenges that could arise from the new advisory board. It would also be loud Daily Express A “double majority” is required to amend the Constitution, meaning a majority would have to be achieved both nationally and in at least four states. Recent polls suggest the “no” camp is leading in almost every state except Tasmania.

Farrage: “People versus Establishment”

British politician Nigel Farage, known for his crucial role in the Brexit referendum, compared the situation in Australia to Brexit. He described it as a battle of the “people against the establishment” and claimed, according to the Daily Express, that the vote, like Brexit, could turn people against the liberal, metropolitan and corporate establishment. Farage also stressed that the idea that an ethnic group should have special rights could face significant resistance in Australia. It is a clearly, clearly bad idea that is taking hold in Australia.

Quantas supports campaign

It has also been reported that major companies such as national airline Qantas are publicly supporting the “Yes” campaign. Finally, it remains to be seen how the Australian people will vote in this controversial referendum and what long-term impact their decision will have on the country.

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