No way through: exhausted brigade continues to take on advancing Russians

A Ukrainian brigade in Avdiivka, a key Ukrainian base in the Donbass region, is said to be “Forbes“ destroyed 200 Russian vehicles and killed 800 Russian troops during intense fighting. Despite their exhaustion and limited resources, the Ukrainians put up an impressive defense.

Operation in Avdiivka despite being outnumbered

On October 10, three Russian brigades attacked Avdiivka. This offensive, according to Forbes, was seen as a diversionary tactic to draw Ukrainian troops away from other fronts. The strategy, it seems, didn’t work. The Institute for the Study of War in Washington DC noted that Kiev has recognized this and is unlikely to divert further resources to this area. The only confirmed reinforcements were a few battalions of the 47th Mechanized Brigade.

Tireless efforts of the 110th Brigade

One of the brigades in Avdiivka is the 110th Mechanized Brigade. Although not considered the most experienced or best-equipped brigade, it shows impressive results, according to Forbes. The soldiers, although tired and with mediocre equipment, fought creatively and decisively. In the first 13 days of fighting they neutralized significant Russian forces.

Decisive factor: morale

The 110th Brigade’s equipment, a mix of Soviet, Czech and Dutch models, is not modern. Still, it was used creatively, as Forbes mentioned, with vehicles used in tactical maneuvers to repel the enemy. But ultimately it’s not just the equipment that made the difference. The troops’ morale, determination and commitment helped them to withstand. A Ukrainian journalist emphasized that the men of the 110th Brigade were fighting in conditions that hardly any other army could withstand.

The long fight continues

The soldiers of this brigade have been defending Avdiivka for over a year without any rotation, Forbes reported. The harsh conditions and constant shelling have taken their toll, but they remain determined. The Russians, it seems, are hoping that the Ukrainians will tire, but so far the Ukrainians are showing no signs of weakness.

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