Oli Pocher and ex had to worry about twins while pregnant

Since separating from Amira, ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden has replaced her on the Pocher podcast. In the latest episode, the two talk about problems during pregnancy. “Anything can happen,” says Sandy.

Oliver Pocher (45) and his ex-wife Alessandra “Sandy” Meyer-Wölden (40) were married from 2010 to 2014 and have three children together – a 13-year-old daughter and 12-year-old twin sons. For a few weeks now they have been talking about various topics in their new podcast on Podimo. In “The Pochers! Freshly Recycled” replaced Sandy Pocher’s estranged wife Amira (31), with whom he is in a separation dispute.

Episode three of her new podcast was about, among other things, a particularly emotional and very private topic for her, as Sandy emphasized. For the first time, they revealed that they had to worry about their sons’ health for weeks due to pregnancy complications with their twins.

“We’ve actually never talked about it so publicly before.”

“We’ve actually never spoken so publicly about what we’ve been through with our twins,” said Sandy. A twin pregnancy is considered a high-risk pregnancy anyway. But for them it was “very special” because rare complications occurred.

Pocher explained: “Fetofetal transfusion syndrome, that means: two children, one umbilical cord.” The problem is that a child is at risk of not receiving adequate care. “It’s a very complicated story and it was said that anything could happen,” he said, explaining the seriousness of the situation at the time.

What made matters worse was that they only found out about the complications in the 24th week of pregnancy, Sandy reported. Shortly before, it would have been possible to “separate” the children, so to speak, through a complicated operation that only a few doctors performed, she explained. At the time they found out about the complications, the risk of such an operation was already too high.

“The first thing I did was pass out that day”

“Then it was a matter of taking it day by day,” says Sandy. During this time, they were always aware that as soon as the situation became too dangerous, the children would have had to be taken away – far too early.

The moment when the doctors revealed this to her was crucial: “Then I passed out that day, then I fainted from shock,” Sandy remembered.

A “very difficult time” followed. It wasn’t just the twin pregnancy and the great concern for the health of her unborn sons that demanded a lot of strength. At that time they also had their very young daughter at home and had to go to the hospital every day for examinations. Sandy said: This time also left its mark on them as a couple.

Oliver Pocher: “It was always a day-by-day decision”

Oliver Pocher also remembers the stressful situation well: “It was always a day-by-day decision.” Every gram of body weight that the unborn twins gained in their stomachs counted. In some cases they even went to the doctor twice a day. Nevertheless, they were on their own for the remaining 22 hours of the day, during which they would have had to act quickly in an emergency. “It was a very difficult period,” he said.

But Oliver and Sandy were very lucky: they made it to the 34th week of pregnancy, then the twin boys were born. Sandy emphasized: “It was a miracle for the doctors that we even made it this long.”

Pocher also emphasized that it had “turned out excellently”. They were allowed to take the children home from the clinic just one week after birth. And the most important thing: the boys are completely healthy and have no consequential damage.

“If you have three healthy children, why do you have to separate now?”

Pocher also became emotional with memories of the twin pregnancy and the months after the birth in view of his failed marriage to Sandy. The first time with twins is always a “challenge” for parents; it is “anything but fun.” Their separation a year and a half after the birth of the twin sons, who were then from Sandy, was “quite a blow” for him, “because I thought that once you got through that…”.

He asked himself: “If you have three healthy children, why do you have to separate now?” This is the “story of my life,” he said, alluding to the current end of love with Amira, with whom he is also has two small sons (4 and 2). “Do you want to say anything else about that or not?” he asked Sandy. But she preferred to postpone this topic until a later date. It already seems to her as if they were in “couples therapy” in her podcast, she explained.

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