Olli Pocher plays a cheated husband on “Dream Ship”: rival Silbereisen

Amira is also there: Rival Silbereisen: On the “Dream Ship” Oliver Pocher plays the cheated husband.

Before their separation, Oliver and Amira Pocher took on guest roles on the ZDF “Dream Ship”. In the episode that will be broadcast on New Year’s Day, Florian Silbereisen falls in love for the first time as Captain Max Parger – with Olli Pocher’s film wife.

The separation of comedian Oliver Pocher (45) and his wife Amira (31) has made many headlines in the past few weeks. After the marital crisis became known in the summer, the couple, who have two sons (4 and 2), separated at the end of August. They are now also going their separate ways professionally, and most importantly Oliver Pocher regularly spoke publicly about the rift. The situation is tense.

Against this background, it is somehow fitting that Olli Pocher is also on the ZDF “Dream Ship” in the (fictional) love drama. In the episode, which is set in Southeast Asia and will be broadcast on New Year’s Day, the comedian and his wife Amira took on guest roles in February – at a time when there was no news of a crisis. Hardly anyone could have guessed back then that Pocher’s marital problems would soon be the focus not only in the “dream ship” but also in reality.

As the ZDF “Dream Ship” captain, Florian Silbereisen has a romance with Oliver Pocher’s film wife

For the first time ever since presenter and pop star Florian Silbereisen (42) took over the helm of the ZDF “Dream Ship” as Captain Max Parger in 2019, Parger has a liaison. He falls in love! And he falls in love with the wife of the character played by Oliver Pocher named Christian Bruckner. His film wife Veronika Bruckner is played by Wanda Perdelwitz (39, “Großstadtrevier”).

The content of the “Dream Ship” episode “Nusantara”, as described by ZDF: “For the trip to Nusantara, Captain Max Parger (Florian Silbereisen) brings a special guest on board to the surprise of his crew: Veronika Bruckner (Wanda Perdelwitz). Max met Veronika during his last shore vacation and for him she is more than just a vacation acquaintance. On Nusantara, Max opens his heart and confesses his love to her. But he didn’t expect what happened next…”

As a “dream ship” captain, Silbereisen falls in love for the first time – several kissing scenes

In fact, the ship’s doctor, Dr. Jessica Delgado (Collien Ulmen-Fernandes) can’t keep her eyes open when Captain Parger comes to the cruise ship hand in hand with a woman at the beginning of the episode and kisses her passionately. “Am I dreaming or am I seeing correctly?” Delgado marvels.

Captain Parger persuades Veronika to come on board. This is followed by some romantic scenes and several kissing scenes between Silbereisen (Parger) and Perdelwitz (Veronika Bruckner). Once Captain Parger welcomes his love with only a towel around his waist when they go out for dinner. She kisses him and says, “I’ll start with dessert.”

During the shore excursion on Nusantara, Captain Parger finally opens his heart to Veronika: “I have fallen in love with you”. Shortly afterwards, however, he finds out that she is married: her husband Christian (Oliver Pocher) unexpectedly shows up on the island. “Who is he?” asks Christian Bruckner when he sees the captain at his wife’s side. “The reason you shouldn’t be here,” she replies.

Guest role on “Dream Ship”: Oliver Pocher as a betrayed husband

Amira Pocher plays a smaller role in “Dream Ship” as a fitness trainer and is not part of the love chaos. There are no scenes together of the still-married couple Pocher.

Instead, on the one hand, Veronika and Max have a discussion. At the same time, the betrayed and injured husband confronts the captain: “Did you know?” Pocher’s film character wants to know? “Clear this with your wife,” the captain replies. “But I want to know from you,” demands the husband – before it becomes clear who Veronika is choosing.

“The Dream Ship – Nusantara” will be broadcast on Monday, January 1, 2024 at 8:15 p.m. on ZDF. The film will be available in the ZDF media library for one year from December 8th.

Last TV appearances as a couple: The Pochers in the celebrity special of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and in the ZDF “Dream Ship”

It will likely be Oliver and Amira Pocher’s last TV appearance together for the time being. There will be a reunion with the still-married couple on RTL on Thursday (November 16th, 8:15 p.m.) – then as a team. They are guests of Günther Jauch in the celebrity special of the classic guess “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and advise together for a good cause

The episode was recorded in October, when the couple was already separated, but at least outwardly still on friendly terms. Other celebrity guests include singer Sasha, comedian Torsten Sträter and former football manager Reiner Calmund.

You can listen to both Oliver and Amira Pocher separately in their podcasts on Podimo. Olli presents “The Pochers! Freshly Recycled” now with his first wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden. Amira Pocher speaks with her brother Hima in her podcast “Liebes Leben”, which started on Tuesday (November 14th). Pocher also wants to process the love drama on tour in his stage show “Der Liebeskaper” from January 5th.

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