On “The Big Celebrity Penance” Olivia Jones takes down Steff Jerkel

“Goodbye Germany” star: Olivia Jones finishes off Steff Jerkel: “Women have to suffer from guys like you”

Purified super macho or “full-time existence”? At “The Big Celebrity Penance”, “Goodbye Germany” star Steff Jerkel expected a tough moral sermon from Olivia Jones. However, the TV star and ex-partner of Peggy Jerofke only showed partial insight.

Off to the report: Steff Jerkel feared that it wouldn’t be “funny” even before he was called to the “round of shame” on “The Big Celebrity Blessings” (ProSieben). At the end of moderator Olivia Jones’ sermon it became clear that the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant was more than right, as Jones dismissed him with pithy words. Right at the beginning of the confrontation with the “Majesty of Morals,” the “Goodbye Germany” star appeared unusually humble, lowered her gaze in embarrassment and avoided eye contact with Olivia Jones.

“Hello, you bunny!” the Jerkel greeted in a very friendly way. It was the “hardest show I have done so far,” said the person summoned before the billing. He misses his daughter, as well as his ex-partner Peggy Jerofke and his little dog. At first Jones gave the floor to the penitent. He sheepishly admitted: “I really exposed Peggy.” In this respect, there are “a few things” that he has to atone for, the 54-year-old remained vague.

Olivia Jones on Steff Jerkel: “You discriminate against the female gender”

Jones then introduced the “round of shame” with the words: “Steff, let’s have a conversation about men and women.” Jerkel described it bluntly: “In my world it looks like I don’t do anything at home – neither vacuuming, nor cleaning, hoovering or washing up.” Instead, he carries heavy things and takes care of the garden, he emphasized, only to add again: “I don’t do anything in the house, zero.” He always arranged living together in such a way that “It’s pleasant for me,” admitted the emigrant who lives in Mallorca.

He had never handled things differently with any girlfriend, not even before his relationship with Peggy Jerofke: “I got away with it well, and I liked that too.” Olivia Jones responded with a drastic statement: “Then you go with me The club goes hunting and she has to clean the cave.” Jones then showed a compilation of scenes from various reality shows, some of which Jerofke and Jerkel had taken part in together.

After the end of the clip, Steff Jerkel scratched his cheek in embarrassment and said: “I messed up a few things, definitely.” Olivia Jones made a harsher judgment: “You are discriminating against the female sex. Women all over the world suffer from guys like you.” But there was no insight! As if fired from a pistol, Jerkel replied: “Why, Peggy didn’t suffer?” Lisha Savage, who followed the interrogation from the dormitory with the other participants of “The Big Celebrity Penance”, commented on this lack of understanding with a choking noise: “ I puke!”

Even his mother was ashamed of Steff Jerkel

Unimpressed by the criticism, Jerkel even defended himself: “Peggy used to like it when I set the tone. She used to be okay with that. I determined our everyday lives.” At the same time, he admitted that some of the things he saw in the compilation were “really annoying”: “I have no idea what happened to me. There are things that my mother was ashamed of.”

Again it was Olivia Jones who bluntly called the matter by its name: “If I saw and heard everything like that, I would say you are a sexist.” And again Jerkel acknowledged the statement with a shrug of his shoulders: “Why?” Then Danni also hit In the dormitory, Büchner put his hands over his head in horror. At the end of the “round of shame,” Olivia Jones warned Jerkel that he had to “change his mindset”: “Prove to us that you are growing up and still have a heart and a brain.”

Jerkel hesitated, saying he didn’t want “my daughter to experience me like that, under any circumstances.” Jones’ punishment offers him a first opportunity for improvement: From now on, Olivia Jones ordered him to take care of all household tasks in “The Big Celebrity Penance” – in the hope that Jerkel would develop “from a full-time sexist to a part-time feminist.” Jerkel’s words immediately after the moral sermon raised at least some doubt: “I am just the way I am.”

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