On the death of Shani Louk: Today the Germany we love died

17 days of nerve-racking uncertainty ended this Monday. The 22-year-old German-Israeli Shani Louk celebrated at the festival south of Tel Aviv that Hamas attacked. Since then she has been considered abducted. Now her skull has been found, as Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog announced. “That means those barbaric, sadistic animals simply chopped her head off.”

Shani Louk is the woman who has become a symbol of the historic act of violence on October 7, 2023. A photo is burned into our minds that shows her naked and bleeding on the bed of a pickup truck. We see her body, carelessly thrown away as a violated piece of flesh, surrounded by armed fighters in a victorious pose.

These details – as much as they hurt – are important because they show the until recently unimaginable extent of this old and yet new hatred of Jews. When Yitzchak Herzog speaks of sadistic animals, he wants to verbalize this monstrous violation of boundaries. His message: The attackers have forfeited their human rights and this is how we will meet them. And yet his comparison ignores one thing: the Hamas fighters are more brutal than animals can ever be. They band together and carry out whatever ideas arise from their dull human brains in order to live out a total will to destroy. The destruction should be comprehensive – physical and psychological, and it should also include the survivors and relatives.

Shani Louk has become the front woman of the free world

This murder also applies to us. Because Shani Louk was one of us. It was the living alternative to the crude backwardness of the Jew-haters

She danced carefree in front of a camera at the Nature Party Festival – just before the butchers came. Shani Louk has involuntarily become the front woman of the free world. It represents a life in which people hug, dance, celebrate and love peace. She also stands for the good Germany, which can look back on 78 years without war. For a Germany that can offer its citizens relatively high levels of freedom.

With her death, this Germany also died to a certain extent. The hatred that she experienced continues here in the country of the Holocaust criminals. On the streets and at the universities. Through violence that is again driving Jews to flee Germany. By disgusting right-wing anti-Semites who are becoming more and more open about their views. By a heartless and stupid left
Intelligence that puts things into perspective when the totalitarian nature of the terror warriors spits in our faces.

We are experiencing a massive attack on our core values

Shani Louk’s mother said after learning of her daughter’s death that Germany had not done enough to save her. Even if it remains unclear exactly what kind of help she means, the accusation behind this sentence is serious. It reads: Germany leaves its Jews alone, even those who were hit hardest by the massacre.

We are experiencing a massive attack on our core values ​​and on Israel’s right to exist, which is imprinted on our state. And how do we react? With the means available. They don’t even allow people to be thrown out of the country who celebrate the rape, slaughter and abduction of our Jewish sisters and brothers on the streets. Attackers who want to destroy the essence of our state cannot be answered with peace law – that requires martial law, so to speak.

Hank Peter

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