One Lost His Life As Heavy Snow And Record Cold Hit Japan

It has been reported that one person has lost his life and the travel in several areas has been disrupted in Japan as the country was blanketed by snow in a cold snap.

According to the official of Japan Meteorological Agency Takafumi Umeda, the country has never seen this much extreme temperature in a decade.

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As per the details, the low temperatures were recorded in several location in the country, including one area of Southern Kumamoto, where the temperature hits -9 degrees, the coldest logged there since 1977 when that observation site began keeping track.

An official of the Japanese government said that one person had died in the cold snap, which the Japan Meteorological department warned of blizzards, high waves and traffic disruption due to the icy roads.

The government official further said that the concerned authorities are also investigating whether two other deaths were related to the cold across much of archipelago.

The country further reported that hundreds of international and domestic flights were cancelled due to the snowstorm, while delays and cancellations have also disrupted both local and long-distance train service.

The local media of the affected areas have reported that the vehicles on the major roads in the several locations were left stranded.

On the hand, Sea of Japan coast was hit hardest by the overnight blizzard, with Tokyo and its surrounding regions spared the snow but seeing unseasonably low temperatures.

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