Only one person can publicly congratulate Wendler and Laura on the baby

A few hours ago, Laura Müller (22) proudly announced that she had become the mother of her first child. The little one goes by the name of Rome Aston and, at least according to her Instagram post, has made Laura and husband Michael Wendler (51) “the happiest parents in the whole world”.

But the whole world cannot share in her joy, because Laura has set clear rules on her Instagram profile, which primarily affect the comment function under the posts.

This has been restricted for a long time. Anyone who wants to comment is discouraged with the sentence “Comments on this post have been limited”. This applies to the average Instagram user, but not to a person who is particularly close to Laura and Wendler and who uses the platform for heartwarming declarations of love and congratulations.

Only Michael Wendler’s daughter is allowed in Laura Müller’s comment field

Adeline Norberg, the daughter of Michael Wendler’s first marriage to Claudia Norberg (52), seems to be the only one who is allowed to hit the keys under most of the pictures, especially on the occasion of the birth announcement. So Adeline left a detailed text under the photo, which shows the pregnant Laura with Wendler hugging her, celebrating together the day when they were “blessed with the most beautiful gift in the universe”.

Adeline’s words are addressed to little Rome. “Welcome, my beloved brother! From now until the end of our days, I will always be there to help, guide and protect you to the best of my ability. I will try to keep evil away from you as much as possible so that you can only see the good in this world. I hope that you will ask my advice if you have questions that are difficult for others to ask. Remember I will always be there for you. Even if we are miles apart! I love you with all my heart! – Your big sister”

Laura Müller and Wendler’s daughter Adeline Norberg demonstrate a good relationship

The three seem to want to emphasize how well-established their little blended family is. After all, it shouldn’t be an easy situation for the 21-year-old that her father now has a child with a woman who is just a year older than herself. But Laura and Adeline have tried to help her in the past to demonstrate a good relationship, regularly congratulated each other publicly and verbosely on their birthdays and commented diligently on each other’s Instagram profiles. Announcing the pregnancy, Adeline wrote: “I can’t wait to welcome you to this side of the world! See you soon.”

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