OnlyFans model blames Princess Kate’s parents for job loss

Michael and Carole Middleton, Princess Kate’s parents, have once again become the target of a poster campaign. This time, a young woman claims that the Middletons’ business failure led to her being fired, which is why she is now active on OnlyFans.

How ““ reports that Michael and Carole Middelton have once again fallen victim to a poster campaign in their home town of Bucklebury in Berkshire. For days, British media have been reporting on defamatory poster campaigns against the family, whose company “Party Pieces,” founded in 1987, recently had to file for bankruptcy. A young woman now even claims that the Middeltons’ bankruptcy is to blame because she has to earn a living with revealing photos on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans model makes allegations against Princess Kate’s parents

Numerous posters of OnlyFans creator Molly Brash have been circulating in the Middelton family’s home village since Wednesday evening (October 25, 2023). The images show the young woman wearing a pink bra and include a note in which Molly claims to have started OnlyFans after she was fired by her employer. Her former company, which she does not want to name, was a creditor of the Middeltons.

“It must be clear that failure to pay creditors affects not just one person, but all employees of the company,” denounces Molly in an interview with “”. “That’s why I say that I was fired for this reason.” The model denies that the campaign is a marketing stunt.

Poster campaign also hits Pippa Middelton

Kate’s sister Pippa Middelton and her husband James Matthews are also affected by the campaign against Michael and Carole Middelton. One of the posters was attached to a sign at Buckelbury Farm, where the couple lives with their three children. Photos of the posters were also emailed to hundreds of people, 

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