Content Publishing Rules

Publishing Rules Must Be Followed

1- The content must contain a featured image, articles without a featured image will be deleted.

2- Repeated violations of guidelines would result in user/account permanent ban.


1. Content Quality and Originality

  • Original Content: Submissions must be the original work of the author. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  • Quality Writing: Content should be well-written, clear, and informative. It should provide value to the reader through insights, information, or entertainment.
  • Citations and References: Properly cite sources and provide references for any claims or data not original to the author.

2. Respect and Inclusivity

  • No Hate Speech or Discrimination: Content must not promote hate speech, discrimination, or harm against individuals or groups based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other characteristic.
  • Harassment-Free: Do not publish content that harasses, bullies, or threatens any individual or group.

3. Content Guidelines

  • Appropriate Content: Avoid content that is excessively violent, includes hate speech, or contains adult material. Content that is graphic or disturbing should include a clear warning at the beginning.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensure that the content complies with local and international laws. Do not publish content that promotes illegal activities.

4. Formatting and Presentation

  • Clear Formatting: Use headings, subheadings, bullet points, and paragraphs to structure your content clearly.
  • Appropriate Images and Media: Use high-quality images and media relevant to the content. Ensure you have the right to use or distribute any media included in your posts.
  • Accessibility: Make content accessible to all readers, including those with disabilities. Use alt text for images and ensure text is clear and readable.

5. Engagement and Interaction

  • Constructive Feedback: Encourage constructive feedback and discussions in the comments section. Do not engage in or promote toxic behavior.
  • Corrections and Updates: Promptly correct any factual errors in your content. Consider updating your posts as new information becomes available.

6. Promotion and Spam

  • Limited Self-Promotion: While authors can mention their services or products, content should not solely serve as an advertisement.
  • No Spam: Do not publish repetitive or spammy content. Avoid excessive linking to external sites, especially if not relevant to the content.

7. Intellectual Property

  • Respect Copyrights: Only use content (including text, images, and videos) that you own or have permission to use. Always give credit where it is due.

8. Reporting and Enforcement

  • Reporting Mechanism: Provide a clear mechanism for readers to report content that violates the guidelines.
  • Enforcement: Outline the actions that will be taken against content or accounts that violate these guidelines, including removal of content or suspension of accounts.

By adhering to these guidelines, contributors can help foster a respectful, informative, and engaging community on platforms like Medium. It's important for the platform to regularly review and update these guidelines to reflect changing community standards and legal requirements.