How To Publish A Story

Step 1: Start Writing

After getting registered and verifying email address, you can easily post articles/stories on the platform. Click on the Write Button on the left sidebar or under the profile menu.

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Step 2: Write The Title and Content

After hitting write button you will see a page to write the content. Just add the appropriate title as shown in the image and the content. You must keep the article title as normal not too short or too long, the title must not contain special characters or any other form of text other that plain words. The content must be 200 words or more, short articles with short titles would be deleted.

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Step 3: Add Links And Images

After adding the title and the content, you can now add appropriate links, images, or other media into the article, you can select the text and click on add link button. Similarly you can add the images by clicking on the + sign appears on the left side of the editor. 

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Step 4: Save The Article

After adding title and content along with images, links and other media, now you should hit the save button on the top right corner, this will save you content into draft, but do not hit the publish button before saving the extra settings.

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Step 5: Featured Image, Tags And More

After saving the draft now you must click on the settings icon that appears next to the publish button, this will open settings menu, you must now upload the featured image for the story, the image must be 1200px or more in width otherwise the story will not be published. The articles without the featured image may also get deleted.

Add appropriate tags for the article, adding 1 or 2 tags are enough, the tags are the category of the article in general. For instance if you are writing a story about Samsung, the tag could be Technology.

Other settings are not necessary, however, you can also save other settings according to your needs.

Step 6: Exit Settings and Hit Publish 

Now that you have saved the settings, you can click the cross button on the top right of the menu and exit. Once you exit settings your story is now completed and ready to go live. Now you can click on the publish button. 

Note: (if your content is not getting published by pressing the publish button, double check your featured image dimensions which must be 1200X680 pixels or more.)