Paw Patrol2: Cinema in Aachen plays horror trailer in front of children’s film

The animated film “Paw Patrol – The Mighty Movie”, which has been showing in cinemas since September 28th, recently caused a lot of excitement: the film first made headlines because children ran out of the cinema crying during a screening. Then there was good news because the children’s film broke a Guinness World Record in the USA. But the bad luck still seems to cling to “Paw Patrol – The Mighty Movie”. Because like that Aachen newspaper reported, the Cineplex cinema in the North Rhine-Westphalian city showed a horror film trailer before the children’s film.

Paw Patrol 2: Aachen cinema makes a faux pas

Moritz Stürtz, managing partner of the Cineplex cinema, has now also spoken to the Aachener Zeitung and apologized for the incident: “Unfortunately, it is true that several trailers were destroyed due to a highly unusual chain of technical errors, combined with human error the FSK 12 were shown. (…) Not only because I visit the cinema with my own children and nephews, I am aware of how important it is for our guests that everyone feels well looked after and safe with us. (…) We know that we made a mistake here and therefore sat down with our guests before the start of ‘Paw Patrol’, apologized profusely and distributed compensation in the form of free tickets.”

For context, it’s common for horror movie preview trailers to be rated 12+, even though the main films are often only rated 16 or 18. This is to make the trailers accessible to a wider audience. However, in the case of the Aachen Cineplex, this practice had undesirable consequences. Unfortunately, it is not known which horror film trailer it was.

As Moritz Stürtz explains further, the error was fortunately fixed on the same day. It also did not affect any other Cineplex cinemas. “The technical problem was local, so there were no further breakdowns in other halls or locations,” said Stürtz.

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