Phone call reveals annihilation of entire Russian military units

Once again, the Ukrainian military intelligence service intercepted calls made by Russian soldiers. A recent recording suggests that two entire units of Kremlin troops were eliminated during a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

A Russian serviceman, during a conversation with a woman, shares the fate of a troop: “Don’t you know what happened to the 27th brigade? She was completely dismantled. All of our people were slaughtered.”

Russian soldiers careless after drinking alcohol

He adds that this incident happened because of the careless attitude of the unit, which had consumed alcohol in anticipation of a frontal withdrawal: “They knew they would be withdrawn soon, so they just had to be patient. But no, they have to get drunk.” Reports of Ukrainian successes in the region in question have multiplied in recent days.

A study recently published by the US Institute for War Studies ISW in Washington confirmed this development, citing Russian sources that speak of the difficulties faced by the occupiers. The situation at the front for Russia appears increasingly precarious.

Jean Harris

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