Political scientist horrified at Lanz: “Jews can no longer go out safely in Berlin”

Middle East debate on ZDF Talk: Political scientist appalled at Lanz: “Jews can no longer go out safely in Berlin”

The war in Israel also brings into focus the tensions between the Western and Muslim worlds. On “Markus Lanz”, Roderich Kiesewetter commented on a possible deployment of the German military, while political scientist Hasnain Kazim warned of further escalations.

Since Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel, the situation worldwide has become more dire. The recent explosion at a hospital in Gaza particularly caused consternation. At “Markus Lanz” the guests discussed not only the possible dangers of the further course of the war, but also the increasing Muslim anti-Semitism in Germany and the possibility of a third world war.

First, ZDF correspondent Michael Bewerunge, who was speaking from Israel, made it clear that the images of the destroyed hospital in Gaza have long since transformed the physical war into “a war on the Internet, a war for the sovereignty of interpretation in public.”

“So far there are a lot of details about this attack, but there is no ultimate clarity,” explained the journalist, who made it clear that there is now “some evidence to suggest that the attack was not actually carried out by Israel.”

Islamic scholar and ex-BND employee Gerhard Conrad also made it clear that although there are “segments of image documentation,” “first of all, you cannot create a picture of the damage on this basis, let alone make any valid statements about the causes of the damage or even the authorship of it damage”.

Political scientist Hasnain Kazim notices “double standards” in dealing with Muslims

With regard to the further course of the war, the guests at “Markus Lanz” also agreed that there was no clear “exit strategy”. Journalist Kristin Helberg also expressed concern that Hamas could be “militarily crushed in Gaza,” “but that is not the end of Hamas, because the political leadership is outside anyway.”

According to Helberg, “the breeding ground on which Hamas and other terrorist organizations thrive” needs to be combated. What fertilizes the breeding ground is above all the feeling of being abandoned and misunderstood by the West.

Political scientist Hasnain Kazim also agreed, explaining that there is a certain “double standard” in dealing with Muslims: “Of course there is discrimination against Muslims.”

“In Berlin we have a situation where Jews cannot go out safely”

At the same time, Hasnain Kazim made it clear that there needs to be a lot more talk about “Muslim anti-Semitism” in Germany, as it is a “big problem” and an “unsustainable situation”: “You have to let it sink in. that we have a situation in Berlin, the German capital, where Jews cannot go out safely, where they have to be afraid.” According to Hasnain Kazim, the hatred against Jews extends “to the highly educated classes.”

Muslim toddlers are already being taught that Israel is the enemy. “I am not a critic of Islam – but I criticize a lot of what is done in the name of Islam,” differentiated Kazim.

When Markus Lanz asked him whether he also received hostility for his opinion, the political scientist answered openly: “I do get a lot of hostility (…). I was recently called a Mossad submarine.” He was also called “a dog.”

Roderich Kiesewetter warns of “further escalations”

Markus Lanz then turned his attention to the German military and wanted to know whether an operation in the Middle East would be conceivable. Roderich Kiesewetter promptly nodded: “Now is the hour of testing. Israel is not asking for Bundeswehr soldiers, but is asking for military support, which it also receives.” According to Kiesewetter, the reason of state should not remain “lip service.” This means that Germany must “domestically ensure” that “not only is Israel’s right to exist NOT questioned,” “but that Jewish institutions can exist freely and (…) unguarded here as normal.”

In terms of foreign policy, according to the CDU man, this would mean: “If Israel asks us for help (…), then we must not refuse it.” He further warned: “This will have a difficult time for us in the next few years with very big challenges to further escalations.”

A horror vision for Hasnain Kazim, who warned that “the radicalization of certain groups” would increase even more in this case: “That would really be a blast here!”

At the same time, the political scientist made it clear in disbelief: “This is almost a step towards a world war!” However, Kiesewetter dismissed it and explained that it was “not about the world war,” but about “preventing it.” “That is Germany’s task – also because of our history,” the CDU man concluded the discussion.

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