Prince Andrew and the Epstein scandal: the royal family shaken

Similar to Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41, born Meghan Markle), Prince Andrew (63) never seems to be quiet. Based on recent emails had the brother of King Charles III. (74) recently accused of lying about his connections with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein († 66). In the infamous BBC interview that Andrew gave in November 2019, the royal claimed that he had severed all contact with Epstein since 2010.

However, correspondence between Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein, which is available to the British “The Mirror”, among others, now shows that the 63-year-old apparently lied. Accordingly, Epstein wrote in an email to the then managing director of bank JP Morgan: “Andrew was sitting next to me at dinner. We’ll try to meet up this week.” The email is part of court documents. The US Virgin Islands had sued JP Morgan.

Prince Andrew: US trial threatens to bring more explosive revelations to light

The Epstein scandal and Prince Andrew’s involvement casts a long shadow over the British royal family. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, a palace employee pulled off the leather about the son of Queen Elizabeth II († 96). The royal insider made it clear to “Bild” that the relationship between Epstein and Andrew could have far-reaching consequences for the British monarchy, because: “The Epstein scandal is worse for the royal family than the Megxit, the exit of Harry and Meghan 2020.” No wonder, after all, more dirty details could come to light during a US procedure.

The US Virgin Islands recently filed a civil lawsuit against the bank JP Morgan in New York in the Epstein case, demanding the equivalent of around 170 million euros in compensation. The reason? Epstein had abused underage women on his two private islands, which are part of the Virgin Islands, for years. The bank JP Morgan is said to have known about it, but continued to look after Epstein as a customer.

Royal insider speaks plain language: “Prince Andrew would already be in prison without a royal connection”

The British royal palace should therefore look at the procedure in America with concern. The palace employee recently revealed to the “Bild” newspaper: “You are watching the development closely. I think if Andrew weren’t a member of the royal family he would already be in prison. But he will never again get an active role in the British monarchy. Prince Andrew was never popular with palace staff. He is always very moody and condescending to us. An unpleasant person who no one feels sorry for.”

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