Prince Christian’s cousin Nikolai dismissed him on his 18th birthday

There will be a pompous gala dinner on the occasion of his 18th birthday – but cousin Nikolai will probably not come to celebrate Prince Christian.

Prince Christian is eagerly awaiting this day: On October 28, the son of Crown Princess Mary (51) and Crown Prince Frederik (55) will be 18 years old. Of course, that has to be celebrated big.

For her grandson’s day of honor, Queen Margrethe (83) is hosting a big gala dinner at Amalienborg Palace. Before that, there should be a changing of the guard there, during which the birthday child appears on the palace balcony together with the royal family. It is not yet known who will be present at the dinner in the evening, but the guest list is said to be very “young” – just like Christian himself.

Prince Christian has to celebrate without his cousin Nikolai

However, it is already known that one person will not celebrate: Count Nikolai (24) will probably rebuff his cousin Christian. The reason: the son of Christian’s uncle Prince Joachim (54) is currently on a semester abroad in Australia. “Of course I was invited, but unfortunately I don’t think I can participate because the distance between Australia and Denmark is so great,” the 24-year-old explained in an interview with 9 Honey magazine.

However, he has not finally canceled. “I haven’t decided yet, but I think it’s more or less impossible at the moment. Also, I have to keep up with school, I have work here. My life is happening here at the moment,” he said. As in many other countries, Nikolai has already been able to prove himself as a model in Australia and thus build up a financial foothold.

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