Prince Harry is looking for a house in London – Meghan is said to not be happy

Will Harry and Meghan soon be back with King Charles in London? At least the prince himself seems to be looking for a new nest in his old homeland.

The couple Duchess Meghan (42) and Prince Harry (39) recently viewed a property in Malibu for around eight million dollars. But Prince Harry may no longer just want to live in the USA. As “Mirror” reports, Harry is currently looking elsewhere for a nice second home – especially in London, which was once so quickly deserted.

Is a return to London imminent?

But do the two really want to take the step back into the royal family? At least Meghan is said to not be at all enthusiastic about her husband’s new plans, reports “”. According to the insider, the couple “are at odds on the issue, but they will soon be looking for their own home near London, with Harry being the driving force behind it.”

For Meghan, Malibu is definitely the better choice because she can live closer to the film city of Los Angeles and possibly rekindle her acting career. There’s no room for London and family drama. Harry, on the other hand, is said to definitely want to move back to London, especially because of their children Archie (4) and Lilibet (2). The two should enjoy a British school education and not go to an American school. Harry attended schools in London, Berkshire and Eton and seems to prefer the British school system.

Duchess Meghan spent her childhood here

About three years ago, the couple packed their bags and set off for California. Duchess Meghan grew up there and her mother Doria also lives there. She visits her daughter and grandchildren almost every day and would be visibly upset about “moving back” to London.

Meghan’s friends also live in the USA and not in England. Harry, on the other hand, has left all of his relatives behind in London and his friends don’t live in California either. Does he miss her so much that moving back home is an option? At least it should be a second home. An estate agent reveals to “”: “For the Sussexes, only the counties of Berkshire or Hampshire would be considered. There are the best schools there and London is not far.” Harry’s father, King Charles III. (74) is also said to have been informed of this news and would like to be kept up to date with any new developments.

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