Prince Harry is open about rumors that Charles is not his father

Prince Harry is currently on trial in the UK as he takes action against a publisher. He also spoke about rumors that he has been struggling with for years.

On Tuesday (6 June) Prince Harry testified under oath – and the whole world watched in anticipation. In front of London’s High Court, the Duke of Sussex appeared composed while not saying a good word to the British press. The prince’s accusation: Journalists from the publishing house “Mirror Group Newspapers” (MGN) are said to have illegally monitored him and generated stories from his private life.

In court, Prince Harry took out, among other things, about the moderator Piers Morgan. According to the Royal, he publicly expressed “a barrage of horrific, personal attacks and intimidation” against himself and his wife, Duchess Meghan. The 38-year-old has also opened up about the ongoing rumors that James Hewitt is actually his father.

Prince Harry: “Those stories were hurtful, mean and cruel”

In the early 2000s in particular, rumors made the rounds in the press that Hewitt, rather than King Charles III, was the prince’s biological father. After all, the riding instructor was a former lover of Princess Diana and also looked very similar to the Duke of Sussex because of the color of his hair. In court, Harry now impressively described how much this rumor weighed on him. “I was 18 years old, having lost my mother six years earlier. Stories like that were hurtful, mean and cruel,” said the father of two.

Prince Harry is afraid of being rejected by his family

Before the London High Court, Harry therefore asked critically: “Did the newspapers want to see doubts in order to oust me from the royal family?” The fact that the faces surrounding the officer were “hurting” for the 38-year-old became clear during Harry’s testimony. He also described his fear that the royal family would finally cast him out due to the ongoing rumors surrounding Hewitt. An emotional confession that has never been heard from Prince William’s brother!

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