Prince Harry turns out to be a comedian in New York

Prince Harry (39) once again demonstrated his sense of humor at the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s “Stand Up for Heroes” charity gala at New York’s Lincoln Center last Monday. In a virtual speech, Duchess Meghan’s husband (42) made the audience laugh with a series of self-deprecating jokes.

In the clip, Harry wears a black suit with his numerous military medals attached. The video was filmed in his garden in Montecito. At the beginning of his speech, he stated that he was honored to make his debut as a stand-up comedian.

Prince Harry is getting serious too

“Due to the shockingly low representation of redheads last year and out of respect for my endangered species, I am here reporting for duty,” he joked, continuing wryly: “As someone who is never questioned, I had to “I didn’t even have to prepare much.” As a precaution, he worked longer on his comedic appearance, but everyone told him that it was “perfect.” “And no, these are not people who just tell me what I want to hear, these are people like my finance manager, my lawyer and of course my Reiki healer.”

Harry then struck a serious tone, after all the fundraiser was about supporting veterans, military personnel and their families. “I have said it before and I will say it again: service is what happens in the silence and in the chaos. And whether we wear the uniform or not, we must continue to uphold the values ​​we learned side by side on the base, on the training field and on the battlefield.”

Finally, he addressed the military personnel directly: “I greet each and every one of you, my brothers, my sisters, my friends, with respect, understanding and admiration. Please remember, if you feel lost and alone in all of this, don’t forget the power of purpose and upholding the important values ​​you know well. That always gives you the clarity and company you need.”

Celebrity casserole at the “Stand Up for Heroes” gala

Prince Harry himself served in the military for several years and was stationed in Afghanistan, among other places. Numerous celebrities such as Tom Hanks (67) and his wife Rita Wilson (67), Tracy Morgan (54) and Bruce Springsteen (74) were also at the event on Monday. The Bob Woodruff Foundation was founded in 2006 by Bob Woodruff and his wife Lee Woodruff.

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