Prince Harry: Vacationers litter hotels with his book

Prince Harry’s biography “Spare” sold like hot cakes earlier this year. But now the many books are becoming a problem for hotels in some holiday destinations. Tourists just leave the book lying around. Apparently, employees no longer know what to do with the disposed expenditure.

Prince Harry’s scandalous book “Spare”, in which the ex-royal settles accounts with his family, among other things, does not seem to be a book that people like to put on their shelves at home. Because like British “The Sun” reports, “Spare” is considered the “most frequently discarded book of the summer”.

Employees about discarded Harry books: “We’ve never seen anything like it”

According to the tour operator “On The Beach”, around 100 books have been disposed of by tourists in Spanish, Greek and Turkish hotel rooms and rubbish bins. A tour operator employee told The Sun: “We’ve never experienced anything like this! Lost property offices at our most popular resorts are currently being inundated with ‘Spare’ books.”

Speaking about the quirky discovery, the tour operator’s employee said: “At first we all thought it was a funny coincidence. However, the situation has worsened over the last few months and more and more hotels have been returning the books to us.” According to The Sun, the tour operator now has a “whole bookshelf” full of Harry memoirs. So it’s no wonder that the hotel resorts have now been asked to “please stop sending the books back, otherwise we’ll never be able to get rid of them.” According to “The Sun”, the homeless memoirs are now to be given away online.

Harry unpacked the book, and also received criticism for it

With his autobiography “Spare” Prince Harry (38) caused a worldwide sensation at the beginning of the year. A good six months ago, millions of people rushed into every bookstore to read the memoirs of King Charles III’s youngest son. (74) to buy. In the explosive document, Harry not only wrote about his father, but also about his brother Prince William (41). The intimate insights into the British royal family made it onto countless book bestseller lists and made “Spare” an international bestseller. Many pundits and insiders condemned the private details that Harry shared with no guilt.

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