Prince William has been criticized for his style of dressing

Unlike his father, Prince William is apparently not a fan of kilts. This is exactly what the heir to the throne is now criticized for.

When Prince William does not wear a uniform at public appearances, the eldest son of King Charles III can be seen. especially in a combination of shirt, jacket and chinos. But of all things, Prince William is now being criticized for his wardrobe.

While his wife Princess Kate receives nothing but praise for her elegant and always appropriate choice of clothes, the Scottish tailor to King Charles, John Sugden criticizes that William, unlike his father, has not worn a kilt (knee-length skirt) since childhood – despite being the heir apparent to the throne of Scotland.

Prince William could popularize the kilt

Sugden would therefore be ‘delighted to make a kilt and jacket for the Prince of Wales’. “It would be upholding a tradition, and as Lord of the Isles it would be a perfect tool to popularize traditional Highland dress – particularly among the younger generation,” the Scottish tailor explains to “The Guardians“.

For the kilt, jacket and sporran (a dangling fur or leather bag) are much-cherished parts of Scottish heritage and are usually worn with pride.

Does Prince William wear kilts privately?

However, William has chosen a different style of dress for many years. Joe Little, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, explains that the father of three may well have worn the kilt as an adult, as there are very few private photos of William in the Highlands. “It’s rare to see him in rural Scotland. But if he wore a kilt in an urban environment at least once, he could silence his critics,” says the journalist, “but of course others would see it as a PR stunt,” he emphasises.

It’s unclear why Prince Harry’s big brother isn’t wearing traditional Highland attire. There was never an official statement from the palace.

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