Prince William is now driving through Windsor on an e-scooter

In addition to King Charles III. his son, Prince William, also clearly cares about the future of our planet. Quite casually, this will probably increasingly rely on environmentally friendly e-scooters in the future. Prince Harry’s brother is now cruising through Windsor on his own electric scooter.

Prince William is known to have a strong focus on sustainability and the environment. Apparently, this does not only apply to the heir to the throne in theory: he has now also practically made sure that he implements the approaches in his private life and, according to “The Sun”, decided on an e-scooter.

Prince William makes Windsor unsafe with the e-scooter

With the rechargeable, electrically powered scooter, he can easily cover the distances within Windsor without having to resort to a car – or a motorcycle. Prince William is known for his passion for fast motorcycles. So now he’s speeding through the huge Windsor estate on an e-scooter.

Prince William lives in Adelaide Cottage with his family

After all, the scooter can drive up to 16 km/h. A source said: “It just makes sense. He rushes to the castle when he needs to see the king.” William has been living in Adelaide with his wife, Princess Kate (41), and their children Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) since last summer Cottage near Windsor Castle. His father, King Charles III, often resides there. (74), with his wife, Queen Camilla (75).

The source added: “It’s two to three miles round trip from his family home in Adelaide Cottage to Windsor Castle.” So it’s easier “to scooter than drive or walk”.

The 655 hectare estate includes a golf course and the grounds of Frogmore House with Frogmore Cottage, the former home of the Sussexes.

William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II († 96), also relied on alternative ridesharing and was often seen in her golf buggy in Windsor.

Prince William and his commitment to sustainability

Like his father, Prince William is concerned about environmental protection. The heir to the throne even launched the so-called “Earthshot” prize in 2021, which is used to support important projects in the fight against climate change.

For this reason, Prince Harry’s brother (38) visited a manufacturer of sustainable packaging in London at the end of May. In November 2022, the start-up Notpla won the “Earthshot Award” in the category “Building a waste-free world”.

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