Prince William was ‘a mess’ over Harry’s Oprah interview

With their Oprah interview, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan made waves. Prince William is said to have taken the whole thing extremely.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan shook the palace walls in March 2021. At that time, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, they unpacked about the British royal family – and made serious allegations against the royals. This is said to have bothered Prince William in particular. Apparently he was completely exhausted in the days leading up to the interview.

Prince William couldn’t eat anymore

At least that’s what journalist Charlotte Griffiths tells GB News, as The Mirror reports: “What I find quite surprising, and I’ve heard this from many different sources for a long time, is that in the run-up to the Oprah interview, William was literally worried sick was.” He couldn’t eat anything for a week and withdrew. “He went to a royal residence for a period of time to isolate himself from the world. He was basically just a heap of misery,” Charlotte Griffiths continues.

Princess Kate called for tougher action

The fact that her husband was so bad should have been difficult for Princess Kate (41) to bear. “Kate said to herself, ‘I have to stand up for this man and protect him. He’s going to be destroyed by it’, and that probably made her pretty tough despite her reputation for being shy. But when it comes to protecting her husband, she will step in and protect him.”

That would go with reports that it was Kate who insisted on cracking down after the explosive interview. The palace released a statement following Harry and Meghan’s conversation with Oprah. Kate is said to have insisted on the sharpest wording.

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