Princess Anne’s unusual diet

Few members of the royal family work as hard as Princess Anne. In order to stay fit and healthy despite her busy schedule, King Charles’ younger sister likes to eat unusual foods.

With over 20,000 engagements on behalf of the British monarchy, Princess Anne is rightly considered a workhorse. In order to do justice to her busy schedule, Anne therefore relies on a healthy and balanced diet. Just like her brother, King Charles lll., the 72-year-old often foregoes a sumptuous lunch and instead prefers practical and, above all, vitamin-rich food. One or the other of the Royal’s eating habits may surprise you at first glance.

Princess Anne swears by overripe bananas

As former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed to TODAY, Princess Anne starts her day with a fruity breakfast. The unusual secret ingredient: overripe bananas. “Princess Anne has almost always preferred almost black bananas – overripe – because they’re easier to digest,” says McGrady.

Since the royal family’s strict etiquette dictates that cutlery must always be used when eating, Princess Anne has to resort to an unusual method here as well. “First the ends of the banana are cut off,” explains chef Darren McGrady. “Then the banana peel is cut in half from end to end so that the unpeeled fruit can be opened. The fruit is cut into circles and eaten with a fork.”

Daughter Zara Tindall reveals which snack her mother always has with her

Even if Princess Anne does not have a hearty lunch, the 72-year-old does not have to starve. As her daughter Zara Tindall once revealed, her mother always has a snack in her purse for emergencies: “She always has a kiwi with her.”

In addition, Princess Anne is said to have a pronounced fondness for hearty food. The Royal was particularly taken with the “Kipper” (smoked fish) from the traditional British company “Fortunes Kippers”. The company writes on its website: “Members of the Royal Family are also known to like our Kippers and Her Royal Highness Princess Anne has sent a letter to Barry and Derek telling Barry and Derek how much she likes their Kippers.

A dinner of the extra class

While she likes to be modest during the day, Princess Anne likes to indulge herself at dinner. In a guest article for Country Life magazine, the royal even revealed her favorite dish on the occasion of her 70th birthday: an elaborately prepared pheasant. Ritz chef John Williams explains how the recipe works: “Basically, a few whole pheasants are poached, then removed from the bone, chopped up and kept warm in the poaching juice.” Freshly whipped cream and a portion of mango chutney round off the British royal’s favorite meal.

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