Princess Kate apparently wanted a different wife for Prince Harry

Princess Kate is known to be at war with Duchess Meghan. If it were up to Prince William’s wife, the 41-year-old would have preferred a different cast for the royal sister-in-law role anyway: Harry’s previous girlfriend Cressida Bonas

Ever since Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41, born Meghan Markle) decided in 2020 to turn their backs on their royal duties and emigrate to Montecito, California, there has been an ice age between them and the British Royals.

But apparently Princess Kate (41) already had her reservations about marriage before her brother-in-law Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan stepped in front of the altar in 2018. Kate would have preferred to see Harry at the side of another woman. At least that’s what an old report says “” vicinity.

Separation from Prince Harry: Cressida Bonas didn’t want to be royal

From 2012 to 2014, Prince Harry was with British model Cressida Bonas (34). The relationship was so serious that the two even made wedding plans. But in the end the partnership failed. Cressida “didn’t want to subject himself to the pressures of royal life,” Harry recalls in his memoir Spare. He broke up with her. Two years later, the palace announced that Meghan Markle was his new girlfriend.

Princess Kate wanted to give Cressida Bonas tips

Princess Kate, on the other hand, apparently wouldn’t have minded if Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas had become a married couple. “Kate has taken excellent care of Cressida,” says an insider, adding, “She really loves her and has given her tips on how to keep her normal life.” Kate spoke from personal experience. She was sure that Cressida would not be as public and persecuted as she was when she met Prince William (40). Nevertheless, she apparently wanted to prepare Cressida for the media interest that was to be expected.

Prince Harry himself confirmed in his memoirs that Princess Kate was a big fan of Cressida Bonas. Here he writes that Princess Kate and her husband Prince William “have repeatedly mentioned how much they like Cressida”.

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