Princess Kate lets it rip at the techno festival – without William

Princess Kate alone while partying! Kate used the appointment-free time during the summer holidays for a special trip. When visiting friends, Williams’ wife spontaneously decides to visit the festival – and celebrates properly.

Princess Kate’s everyday life is strictly scheduled, as a mother of three and representative of the British royal family, the 41-year-old’s agenda is full. There is little scope for spontaneous actions.

But Prince William’s wife (41), who is generally considered a disciplined person, knows how to let go and escape royal duties. That’s what happened almost two weeks ago.

Kate at the festival: Spicy Margarita and a tip of CHF 800

When Kate is invited to dinner with friends in Norfolk, she notices that a techno party is taking place at the other end of the large property. The Houghton Festival with thousands of revelers is just underway, the thumping beats don’t escape the princess either.

After a brief consultation with the bodyguards, Kate decides to spontaneously mingle with the audience. As “Gala” writes, she is said to have worn black trousers, a black top and white sneakers. There was a Spicy Margarita to drink – and even the dinner was moved to the restaurant on the festival site. The Royal rewarded this with a generous tip of 800 francs.

The heir to the throne couple likes to celebrate

It is well known that Princess Kate likes to party and dance, she used to like to go through the London clubs. And her husband and heir to the throne, Prince William, is not averse to partying either. As recently as June, he was spotted dancing with a pal at London nightclub Koko.

Otherwise, the mother of Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) should regularly take time out, enjoy a pint with friends or go for long walks in the forest. “It’s also the little everyday things that aren’t normal for a princess. For example, shopping with the kids in the supermarket,” a palace insider tells Gala. “Kate loves to go unrecognized. Sometimes she goes without bodyguards, which causes stress in the castle.”

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