Princess Kate pats Prince William on the bottom

As Kate sat in the front row at King Charles’ coronation in Scotland, her hand suddenly landed on her lover, Prince William’s, buttocks.

Scotland will not soon forget this day: On Wednesday (July 5th) King Charles III. (74) re-crowned king at Edinburgh. In addition to Queen Camilla (75), Princess Kate (41) and Prince William (41) were also present at the ceremony. In her blue outfit, the Princess of Wales was a real eye-catcher. Despite a lot of eyes on her – and Kate must have been aware of that – she couldn’t keep her hands to herself.

Princess Kate can’t keep her hands off Prince William

During the ceremony, the couple sat right next to the main actors, Charles and Camilla, in the front row. In the middle of the action, when everyone was standing, the 41-year-old whispered something to William – and gently touched his bottom on the side! It’s a very intimate and loving gesture that shows how close the bond between the royal couple is.

Princess Kate doesn’t care about royal rules

It wasn’t the first time Kate and William had such a special token of love. In recent months, it has almost become a habit that Kate seeks to be close to her husband during public appearances and touches him gently on the royal bottom at least once. William himself doesn’t seem to mind – on the contrary: in most situations, the two just put their heads together and whisper something to each other. It seems that the two have arrived in their new role as the heir to the throne and are much less shy than before about showing their feelings to the whole world.

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