Princess Kate teams up with celebrity DJ for charity project

Princess Kate is working with DJ Jax Jones for a charity project. He now reports on the meeting with the princess and reveals interesting details about the project: Princess Kate is planning a dance performance in a music video.

Earlier this year, Princess Kate (41) launched a new project that is close to her heart as a mother of three: the long-term campaign entitled “Shaping Us” aims to raise public awareness for the first five years in the important development of a sharpen child. According to “The Sun”, she was able to win DJ Jax Jones (36), who has not only become the new ambassador for the project, for this charity project of the “Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood”. The star DJ will also produce a dance video with the music-loving Princess of Wales.

Princess Kate will dance in the music video

Jax Jones is an absolute star in Britain. The musician also enjoys great international recognition. Among other things, the DJ has rearranged songs for superstars like Kylie Minogue (55), Ed Sheeran (32) and Miley Cyrus (30). He met Princess Kate when he was hired for Queen Elizabeth II’s († 96) anniversary concert in front of Buckingham Palace in 2022. Since then, the two have been in close contact.

First meeting in Windsor: DJ reports on hospitality

Princess Kate and Jax Jones, whose real name is Timucin Lam and who has just become the proud dad of his second daughter Ariyah (five months), were immediately sympathetic when they first met in Windsor, as the musician told The Sun. He also met Prince William (41) at the time: “We all talked – they are super nice and super hospitable. It is a real honor to be asked to get involved and be an ambassador.”

About Princess Kate and Prince William: ‘They just want to do positive things’

He went on to rave: “They are really down to earth and just want to do positive things.” He was very excited at first because he was afraid of messing up the salutations. “So when you meet a princess for the first time you say ‘Your Highness’ and then ‘Ma’am’,” but Kate made it very easy for him, Jax assured Jones, and he felt immediately at ease. At their first business appointment, they spent the whole day at Windsor Castle – “with a real brainstorming session full of ideas.”

Star DJ explains: Video shooting requires a lot of planning

The result was the idea that the princess had a dance performance in his music video. The clip can then be played during his performances. But it’s not that easy to turn the plan into reality: “You can’t just pull out your camera phone and film Kate. She has a big team, so you have to do it right.” Actually, he wanted Kate and William together, “but if it’s just Kate, that’s more than cool,” explained the DJ.

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