“Protect my grandchildren”: “Popsicle” star Zachi Noy is back in Israel

Zachi Noy was best known for the 70s and 80s cult films “Popsicle”. He still performs regularly in Germany today. Now a war has broken out in his homeland Israel. The actor apparently immediately knew that he had to fly to his family in Tel Aviv.

Zachi Noy: “Now we have to change again”

“I’ll leave immediately. With a few shirts, a few pants,” the 70-year-old explains to “Picture“. He only packed up the bare essentials and flew from Vienna back to Israel on Sunday morning to visit his wife, his two children and four granddaughters aged twelve to one year. “I may be old and fat, but I protect my grandchildren,” says the actor seriously. “It’s tough. I just played Baloo the Bear in The Jungle Book on theater stages, flew back and forth between Israel and Germany and performed happy songs at parties. Now we have to change again. We all want peace for Israel.”

Zachi Noy’s family was “in a bomb shelter during the attacks”

In the 1970s, Zachi served in the army and was an entertainer for the troops. The film star is now too old to report for duty again this time, as many other former soldiers are now doing. He is now primarily concentrating on taking care of his family: “I am now there for my grandchildren. My girls are having their grandpa.”

Fortunately, his family has survived the previous attacks unscathed. “They were in a bomb shelter during the attacks. Rockets keep coming from Gaza and then it started from the north too,” reports Zachi. “I was happy to see my wife Miri. She met me at the gate when I returned home.”

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