Psychologist analyzes Putin: She has a recommendation for the West

According to Polish Radio Zet, renowned clinical psychologist Nirit Pisano from the New York research center Cognovi Labs has examined in detail the behavior of Russian President Vladimir Putin and has come to the conclusion that the West needs to change its strategy. During a symposium on deterrence strategies at the Pentagon, Pisano presented her findings and emphasized that Putin had not shown fear in his speeches.

According to Radio Zet, Pisano’s investigation was based on Putin’s speeches and his reactions to the sanctions related to the invasion of Ukraine. Cognovi Lab researchers examined, among other things, speeches by Putin in February 2022 and 2023 as well as a speech with Turkish President Erdogan in September. Radio Zet further reports that Cognovi Labs uses cutting-edge techniques such as behavioral psychology and artificial intelligence to carry out these analyses. Pisano’s study focused specifically on ten emotions that shaped Putin’s actions and statements.

Putin’s unchanged attitude despite war setbacks

A key finding of the analysis is that despite the fact that the war in Ukraine did not go according to his expectations, Putin remained consistent in his emotional reactions and determination. During his speech to the Federal Assembly, emotions such as hope, faith, anger, disgust and contempt were evident. Emotions such as anger, disgust and surprise were also evident in a press conference with the Turkish president.

The West must adapt its strategy

In conclusion, according to Radio Zet, Pisano emphasized that Putin’s lack of fear in his statements is of great importance for military officers and politicians who oppose the invasion of Ukraine. The current Western containment strategy does not appear to be working for Putin, according to Cognovi Labs, and it is recommended that alternative approaches be considered to effectively stop the Russian president in the future.

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